Greek is not only an old language


Greek is one of Europe’s oldest languages and has a rich history of over 3500 years

From its earliest beginnings in Mycenae it spread via the conquests of Alexander the Great and eventually became the lingua franca of the ancient Mediterranean world where it was used by diverse linguistic groups for commerce and trade.
The New Testament is written almost entirely in Greek and it’s very likely that Jesus spoke Greek.
Later, .

It was the official language of the Eastern Roman Empire and Byzantium

During the Renaissance and the Enlightenment eras the Greek lexicon was called into service for the description and explanation of new ideas.
Today, it’s impossible to study the science s or speak an Indo-European language without encountering Greek words.
Greek is not only an old language, it’s a hard language.
The alphabet is different and there are at least six ways to write the sound “ee” as in “eat.” They have two letters for “o”, the familiar “o” but also “ω” is an “o”.
Scratching your head.
If that weren’t challenging enough, accents are hugely important; embarrassing mis understanding s can arise from their improper use.
For example, the word θέα (accent on the ‘ε’) means view, as in “I want a room with a view.” But if you move the accent to the end of the word θεά (accent on the ‘α’) you’ll be saying “I want a room with goddesses” which probably won’t win you any friends at the reception desk.
Another example with a more logical connection is the word for work, δουλειά (accent on the last ‘a’).
Move the accent forward to the first syllable, as in δούλεια (accent on the ‘u’) and it means slavery.
Given its difficulty, you’ll endear yourself to many Greeks if you say a few greetings and ask for simple things in Greek.
Accented syllables below are capitalized .
Yes nay ναι Νο ΟΗ ee Όχι Please para-ka-LO παρακαλώ Thank you ef-khar-i-STOW ευxαριστώ Informal hello YA-sou γειά σου Formal hello YA-sas γειά σας Good Morning kali-MERA καλημέρα Good Evening kali-SPERA καλησπέρα Good Night kali-NEEKTA καληνύχτα Excuse me sig-NO-me συγγνώμη Here eh-DHO εδώ There eh-KEE εκεί What tea τι Where poo πού Wait per-EE-men-eh περίμενε Euro ev ROW ευρώ Money lef TA λεφτά Big may GAL oh μεγάλο Small mee CROW μικρό Hot zes TOE ζεστό Cold KREE oh κρύο Good ka LOW καλό Open (like a shop) ah neek TOE ανοιχτό Closed klees TOW κλειστό Far makree AH μακριά Close kon DAH κοντά Left ah rees ter AH αριστερά Right thexi AH δεξιά Straight ahead ef THEE a ευθεία Up ay PAN oh επάνω Down KA toe κάτω Early nor EES νωρίς Late ar GAH αργά Nice.

Pretty or AY ah ωραία Many

a lot PAH ra pol EE πάρα πολλοί Sail Boat SKA fos σκάφος Ferry Boat PLEE oh πλοίο Toilet same as French toilette Water nare OH νερό Ice PA gos πάγος Ice cream pago TOE παγωτό Watermelon kar POU zee καρπούζι Plain (e.g.
black coffee) SKET oh σκέτο Sugar ZA ha ree ζάχαρη No sugar OH hee ZA ha ree όχι ζάχαρη Μilk GA la γάλα Bicycle po THEE la toe ποδήλατο Children pay thee AH παιδιά Hotel xeno tho HEE oh ξενοδοχείο I like moo ar AIS si μου αρέσει I want THEL oh θέλω My name is me LE nay με λένε kiosk per EEP tero περίπτερο beach para LEE ah παραλία town square pla TEE ah πλατεία 1 EN ah ένα 2 THEE oh δύο 3 TRI ah τρία 4 TESS er ah τέσσερα 5 PEN day πέντε 6 EX ee έξι 7 ep TAH επτά 8 oak TOE οκτώ 9 en YIA εννία 10 DHECK ah δέκα 20 EE ko si είκοσι 50 pen IN da πενήντα 100 eka TOE εκατό Recommended Reading for Grecophiles The Greek Islands by Lawrence Durrell Published in 1978, Durrell offers a half century’s worth of insights, as this tender excerpt demonstrates: “(Naxos and Paros) seem to coexist in the mind as being of comparable charm and magnitude.

But there are several radical differences

If Naxos is a vivid parrot, then Paros is a white dove.
You wake earlier in Naxos, but you sleep deeper in Paros.” Colossus of Maroussi by Henry Miller At Lawrence Durrell’s urging, .

American author Henry Miller spent six months roaming around Greece in 1939

It took a world war to force him to leave the country with which he became intoxicated and characterized as “a holy land.” Many critics consider Colossus of Maroussi Miller’s finest work of “literature.” Dinner with Persephone by Patricia Storace An award-winning American writer spends a year in Greece and offers up a fascinating insider’s look at the psychology of a country which exists uneasily between the West and the East.
Fun reading.
North of Ithaka: A Journey Home Th rough a Family’s Extraordinary Past by Eleni Gage A New Yorker travels to her grandmother’s northern Greek village to rebuild the family home where a tragedy and crime occurred during the Greek civil war.
The house’s re construction acts as a catharsis for the family to bury its bitter memories.
The author’s father, Nicolas Gage, wrote the bestseller Eleni which initially detailed the catastrophe.

Greek Fire by Nicholas Gage Aristotle Onassis and Maria Callas

Greece’s most famous modern lovers, come to life in this titillating but faithful account about very wealthy Greeks and their often very tragic lives.

Avoid this book if you can’t bear to read Jackie O get trashed

Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis Kazantzakis is Greece’s most famous writer and this is his most celebrated book.
A British newspaper, The Guardian, .

Included Zorba the Greek in the 100 best novels ever written

Set in Crete, the landscape, plants, animals, sea and mountains are described with fierce intimacy.
The protagonist, Alexis Zorba, is a simple Cretan man with a passion for living life to its fullest, and from him the reader learns many basic lessons of life.
Twice a Stranger: The Mass Expulsions that Forged Modern Greece and Turkey by Bruce Clark When the Ottoman Empire was picked apart after World War I, the powers that be determined that 1.5 million Greeks living in Turkey for centuries must be removed to Greece and one-half mission Turks living in Greece had to leave the land where they had lived for centuries.
Clark contends that the forced expulsions set a template for other transfers after WWII in Europe, India and Palestine.
His intense but sensitive depiction of the catastrophe highlights the cost of politically expedient policies.
Ghosts on the Throne: The Death of Alexander the Great and the Bloody Fight for his Empire by James Romm Romm has written a scholarly book for non-scholars that bursts with intrigue, mystery and larger than life rivalries.
When Alexander the Great died, an unusual compromise resulted in a joint rule of the empire by his mentally incapacitated brother and infant son.
Both needed guardians.
Who would control the royal family and throne.
The Summer of My Greek Taverna: A Memoir by Tom Stone A resident of the island of Patmos for 22 years, the author’s problems start when he gets roped into relocating to Crete to run a seaside taverna.
This memoir is fun reading and includes some of Stone’s prized culinary recipes from his Greek kitchen.

Mediterranean Hot and Spicy by Aglaia Kremazi Ms

Kremazi has written four delightful Greek and Mediterranean cookbooks full of mouth-watering recipes designed to make even the gods on Olympus swoon: The Foods of Greece, Mediterranean Hot and Spicy, .

The Foods of the Greek Islands and The Mediterranean Pantry

If your baklava techniques are a bit rusty Ms.
Kremazi will be happy to give you cooking lessons at her cooking school Artisanal on the beautiful Cyclades island of Kea.
Plato at Olympia by Stephen G.
Miller (for children) The author, a distinguished American archaeologist, fictionalizes a story of Plato as a youth and his desire to partake in the Olympic Games.
Youngsters – and adults, too — will savor the illuminating picture Miller paints of Athens in the 4th century BC, a cameo appearance by Socrates, references to historical events, and descriptions of Olympic Games, customs, sayings, and daily life in Ancient Greece.
Lovely illustrations by Athena Stamatis.
Greek Gods and Heroes by Robert Graves The famous British poet invented novel interpretations of the Greek myths and his book continues to dominate the English language market in this field.
Indeed, .

Since its 1955 publication Greek Gods and Heroes has never been out of print

Here Graves presents the most popular myths in an accessible, non-scholarly form.
He was particularly inspired by matriarchies and goddess cultures.
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or Canadian passports to most countries in Europe

[email protected] Primary Menu.
Magical Europe.
Magical Europe.
Featuring: Spain: Barcelona, Girona France: Grenoble, Nimes, Mirmande Switzerland: Geneva, Gstaad, Grindelward, Lucerne, Zurich Italy: Milan, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice Austria: Innsbruck, Kitzbuhel, Salzburg, Vienna Starting From $2,080.00 Land Only EU-14.
Experience the magic of Europe.
From walking on ancient cobblestone streets of Barcelona, Spain to the numerous historic and cultural sights of France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria I’m sure you’ve abundantly read about how beautiful cities in these countries are, .

But now it’s time to experience Magical Europe

So travel to Europe soon and enjoy this Tour today

Land Only.
14 Nights hotel accommodation.
Ramblas in Spain.
Mirmande in France.
Cailler Chocolate Factory in Switzerland.
Cable Car Ride in Switzerland.
Duomo Square in Italy.
Vatican City in Italy.
Roman Coliseum of Italy.

Mountains of Kitzbuhel in Austria

Cruise on Danube River in Hungary.
15 Meals Included.
*This is a Guaranteed English Speaking Tour.
In the ever-changing world we live, Charming Travel Destinations wants to equip you, our trusted clients with important travel information for your tour.
From current luggage policies, weather, currency exchange, and more.
Visit our and for more details.
Day 1: Barcelona, Spain Upon arrival in Barcelona, transfer to the hotel and check in.
The remainder of the day will be yours to enjoy.
Day 2: Barcelona In the morning, take a tour of the city, its Ramblas, the works of Gaudi, the memories of the Olympic Games.
The afternoon will be free at your own leisure to enjoy.
Day 3: Barcelona ~ Grenoble, France Depart Barcelona for the North of Catalonia.
A stroll in Girona and its very beautiful historic center, with the cathedral standing out with its great staircase.
Pass the border to France and cross Provence.
Stop in Nimes, which was an important city in the Roman Empire, where concerts and bullfighting are still held in its ancient amphitheatre, almost 2,000 years old.
Also see the Pont Du Gard, or Gard Bridge, an impressive Roman aqueduct.
At the end of the afternoon, stop in Mirmande, a magnificently well preserved “Provencal” village, with great views over the Rhone Valley..
Day 4: Grenoble ~ Gstaad, Switzerland Travel to Switzerland.
In Geneva, visit the Palace of Nations.

The headquarters of the United Nations in Europe

to the pretty English Garden with its clock made of flowers and you can admire the “Jet d’Eau”, the tallest fountain in Europe.
Afterward, head to the Chillon Castle, built in the waters of the lake.
Go on to the picturesque walled village of Gruyere, known worldwide for its cheese.
Very nearby are a few of the main chocolate factories in Switzerland, and you will visit the Cailler Chocolate Factory, with tasting included.
Continue along little roads amidst bucolic Mountain countryside and very picturesque wooden villages.
Arrive in Gstaad, a pretty village with its wooden houses.
Day 5: Gstaad ~ Zurich Today’s stage takes you through the beautiful high mountain scenery.
Pass Interlaken and go around its very beautiful lake.
Arrive in Grindelward and take the Cable Car.
Walk down a track to get to the “Bridges Over the Void”, an ideal place to be seduced by Swiss Alpine scenery surrounded by its glaciers and mountains.
Afterward, proceed to Lucerne, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland.
Continue to Zurich where there is time for a stroll in the center.
Day 6: Zurich ~ Milan, Italy Travel to Burglen, the tiny village where William Tell was born.
You will see the chapel of the XVI century with paintings illustrating his life.
Afterwards, reach the enchanting little town of Morcote, with its houses made of stone, and covered with flowers.
Enter Italy and stop in Como, on the shores of its lake.
The city highlights the Gothic Cathedral.
Arrive in Milan where you will visit the impressive Duomo Square.
Day 7: Milan ~ Rome Today, continue to Pisa.
On a tourist train, you will travel to the Piazza Del Miracoli, where there will be time to admire one of the most alluring and beautiful art complexes in Italy, including the well known Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Continue to Rome and check in at the hotel on arrival.
Day 8: Rome In the morning, take a scenic tour of the city, which will be a great introduction to the “Eternal City”.
Enter the tiny state of the Vatican.
The Vatican City is a principal center of Christianity in the world.
You will be able to visit St.
Peter’s Basilica at  your own expense.
Visit the Roman Coliseum, the principal symbol of Rome.
This impressive construction dates back 2,000 years and will transport you in time so that you can learn about ancient society in the Roman Empire.
Day 9: Rome ~ Florence Depart Rome and head north.
This route is graced with beautiful landscapes.
Upon arrival in Florence, you will head to the Piazzale Michelangelo, an impressive site in the city.
In the evening, you will have an opportunity to walk through the historic center, taking in places such as the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, and Piazza della Signoria.
This city is truly an outdoor museum.
You will have free time to explore.
Day 10: Florence ~ Venice Today, enjoy the stunning mountain landscapes while crossing the Apennine Mountains.
Arriving in Venice, and board a Vapporetto to travel around on the canals in the historic center.
Visit the marvelous St.
Mark’s and enter the marvelous Basilica.
Afterwards, you shall be able to visit the Murano Glass Factory.
It is marvelous to see the technique how this ancient glass is made.
Free leisure time to explore the city afterward.
Day 11: Venice ~ Kitzbuhel, Austria Depart from Venice and travel to Austria.
Arrive to Innsbruck and stroll in the historic center.
Travel along a very pretty scenic road between the mountains to Kitzbuhel and see this picturesque little village, a famous ski resort where you can enjoy snow for a large part of the year.

Day 12: Kitzbuhel ~ Vienna Get to know Austria more thoroughly

Travel between mountains to Salzburg, to the beautiful streets of the historic centre of this city declared a World Heritage site.
Go on your way between lakes and mountains.
A very beautiful scenic stage in the Alps.
Stop at St.
Wolfgang, a famous place of pilgrimage in Austria.
Continue to Traunkirchen along with the very beautiful Traunsee Lake, where you will take a Cruise on the lake to see four castles and disembarking in Gmunden.
Continue to Vienna after.
Day 13: Vienna Today, take a scenic visit around Vienna and experience its majestic avenues, its palaces, and the vibrant city center.
Afterwards, head to the Schonbrunn Palace where you can stroll around and enjoy its beautiful gardens.
In the evening, go to the City Hall Square to enjoy the lighting and the nightlife in the neighboring streets.
Day 14: Vienna ~ Home Today, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back home as your trip comes to an end.
*This is a Guaranteed English Speaking Tour.
Tourist from all over the world join this tour and it can vary from 4 passengers to 45 passengers.
This is an Escorted Group Tour by coach with an English speaking guide.
This guided tour features the highlights of certain cities in a brief visit.
Single supplement costs an additional $1025USD and triple sharing has a $65USD deduction.
Boat cruise in Vaporetto, venice, Traunse Lake in Traunkirchen, danube River in Budapest.
Train in Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa.
Cable Car ride in Grindwald.
Chillon catle; Cailler chocolate factory.
Coliseum of Rome, .

Saint Mark”s Basilica and Murano Glass Factory in Venice

This is a Land Only package tour and it does not include any flights.
Please for international flight rates.
Due to this is a group tour, you will need to follow the group for the entire program and cannot deviate.
Any deviation will result in a penalty at the discretion of the local office.
The luggage allowed for each passenger on our Europe tours is limited to one piece of a maximum of 66lbs (note airlines and trains have their own limits, normally lower).
We may refuse to accept excessively bulky luggage.
Porterage is not included and you are responsible to handle your own luggage at all times.
This tour will use a Coach unless specifically stated.
Some coaches may have toilets available, travelers are asked to limit its use (due to odors and absence of places where emptying and cleaning).
Some coaches are fitted with toilets provided on a fee paying basis.

Our Europe coaches are not equipped with access ramps for wheelchairs

Contact us and let us know if you want pre or post and how many days.
A full day of tour is scheduled from around 8am to 7pm.

Europe has small rooms and in some countries it may be difficult to have 3 beds in a room

It may be a fold out bed or sofa bed.
We do not recommend triple rooms/ triple sharing for 3 adults, we would suggest this for families travelling with a child.
Charming Travel Destinations offers vegetarian meal options for travelers.
Regrettably, .

We cannot accommodate certain food options in Europe like Gluten Free or Halal

Please inquire if you have any allergies we need to know about.
Please provide legal names, email address, phone number, mailing address, number of rooms (single-triple occupancy), travel insurance preference, birth dates, and passport information.
In 2019, a Visa is not required for travelers with U.
or Canadian passports to most countries in Europe.
For Land Only, the deposit is $300USD.
For Land + Air packages, the deposit will be 50% of overall tour price.
Gratuities are not included and we suggest the equivalence of $10USD in euro per person per day.
Travel Documents and Hotel confirmations will be emailed out 1 week before arrival.
The hotel check in is usually about 2pm and check out is 10am.
If you want your room to be available for more time, consider booking an extra night.
Transfers are included & could be private or shared with other passengers.
Airport must be located within 25 miles.
Driver will wait a maximum of 1 hour.
In case you are retained or delayed, it is your responsibility to contact the transfer number provided with your travel documents.
Hotel Ibis Baden Neuenhof – Zurich, Switzerland or similar* Alte Zürcherstrasse 53, 5432 Neuenhof, SwitzerlandThe ibis Baden Neuenhof hotel is ideally located for arriving by car or by train.
Baden train station is 10 minutes away by bus and there is a bus stop directly in front of the hotel.
A garage and outdoor parking are also available, along with charging st ations for electric cars.
The bar is open around the clock for snacks and drinks.
The River Limmat is just 656 feet (200 meters) from the hotel and offers the perfect location for a walk or run.
The hotel also has free WIFI.
Hotel Cristoforo Colombo – Rome, Italy or similar* Via Cristoforo Colombo, 710, 00144 Roma RM, ItalyThis charming hotel is made up of 4 buildings close to each other and has got a total availability of 323 rooms, each one thought to assure great comfort, recently renovated, elegantly furnished and equipped to make Guests feel at ease.
Rooms have got a balcony and the majority of them has got a bathtub or a comfortable “italian style” shower.
Precious wood and coloured carpet enrich the environment.
All rooms, simply decorated with white wood, colorful mosaic and parquet fabrics, offer any kind of comfort, such as electronic safe, digital TV, minibar, hairdryer, air conditioning system and direct line telephone.
All rooms can be “non-smoking”.
Hotel Ibis Firenze Nord Aeroporto – Florence, Italy or similar* Via Volturno, 5, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino FI, ItalyThe ibis Firenze Nord Aeroporto hotel is located near to Florence Airport and a few miles from the city”s historic center, the Ponte Vecchio bridge and the Uffizi Gallery.
The hotel offers a free outdoor car park and is also perfect for business trips, thanks to its 4 meeting rooms.
Air-conditioned rooms with free WIFI.
Hearty buffet breakfast, bar with snacks and drinks available 24 hours a day and an ibis Kitchen restaurant serving a selection of wines and Tuscan specialties.
Hotel Duca D’Aosta – Venice, Italy or similar* Piazza Narbonne, 8, 11100 Aosta AO, ItalyRetro Italian style of themid-1900s, warmed-up by the fire of a fascinating fireplace.
The 60 rooms (Suite, Deluxe,Classic Duca, Comfort and Economy) offer mid-century modern design and top  residential comforts – traditional French oak wood floor, stone showers and  Kaldewei bath tub, Aosta Valley natural bathroom amenities from Dr.
Nicola line, optimal  sleep with Myform Dorelan mattress, IndelB minibar, Tea and coffee Set, free Wi-Fi and LAN internet access, LED TV with satellite and Skyconnection and laptop safe.

Hotel Kitzbuhel Alpen – Austria or similar* Oberndorf in Tirol

Penzingweg 5 All rooms are equipped with bath or shower/WC, balcony, cable-TV and telephone.
The quiet located terrace, the hotelbar and hotel”s own café “Kitzerl” invite you to spend some cosy hours.
We offer also a sauna with whirlpool, steambath, fitnessroom, children”s play room and an elevator.
The hotel is located right next to the cable car station ”Penzing” Check in: 2:00pm Check out: 10:00am.

Senator Hotel Vienna – Austria or similar* Hernalser Hauptstraße 105

1170 Wien, AustriaModern, lively but in a quiet location nevertheless.
A place of retreat during an exciting city trip.
All 179 rooms are fully air-conditioned and noise-insulated and offer space and the opportunity to relax.
Landhaus Hotel – Gstaad, Switzerland or similar* Dorfstrasse 74, 3792 Gstaad, SwitzerlandIt’s what you have always yearned for when it comes to alpine comfort: tastefully-renovated yet still distinctly cozy rooms.
Finished with a regionally typical rustic wood look, all Landhaus rooms have a unique warmth.
But modern amenities abound: flat-screen TVs, comfortable seating areas, en suite bathrooms with WC, shower or bath, free wireless internet throughout the property, and much more.
And after a good night’s rest, the fresh selections of our comprehensive breakfast buffet await.
That alpine dream is fast becoming reality.
Fira Congress Hotel – Barcelona, Spain or similar* Polígono Industrial de la Pedrosa, Carrer de José Agustín Goytisolo, 9, 11, 08908 L”Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, SpainThe standard room at Hotel Fira Congress Barcelona is 23m2 and features an open floor plan with a lot of natural light.
It’s a comfortable room in neutral tones with a modern design that will make you feel right at home.
It has 2 single beds or 1 double bed, a sofa and a designer bathroom with a rain shower, which is ideal for relaxing.
The bathroom also has a hairdryer, make-up mirror and free toiletries.
You’ll find all sorts of amenities in the room with a phone and flat screen TV.
Novotel Grenoble Nord- France or similar* 1625 Route de Veurey, 38340 Voreppe, FranceSpacious, contemporary design and adaptable, the Novotel room is truly a place for living.
Perfect for all your needs.
The Novotel Grenoble Nord Voreppe has 114 rooms with views of the Vercors mountains and Chartreuse.
Free WIFI is available throughout the hotel.
Combine work and relaxation in complete serenity.
Our Superior Room combines modern decor, ergonomics and high-tech facilities, including tea and coffee making facilities, free WIFI and minibar.
Danubius Hotel Arena – Budapest, Hungary or similar* 1-3.
Ifjúság útja, 1148 Budapest, HungaryOur hotel has 379 comfortable, Mediterranean-style rooms: choose from our range of air-conditioned, twin, double or triple rooms, for whatever best suits your needs.
And don’t forget to bring your swimsuit with you.
Our guests can also use our wellness facilities.
Check in: 3:00pm Check out: 11:00am Website:
IH Milano Lorrentegio – Milan, Italy or similar* Via Lorenteggio, 278, 20152 Milano MI, ItalyOur hotel is perfect for both leisure and business trips, and also for families with children: we have the best solution for any need you may have.
Besides our Standard or Superior rooms, adjoining rooms for disabled people are also available.
Our 128 rooms are completely soundproofed.
They are all bright and finely furnished and were renovated in 2017.
They are all equipped to make your stay pleasant and relaxing: air conditioning, safe, TV with free Mediaset Premium channels (Football, Champions League, Premium Cinema), writing desk, free national phone calls, private bathroom with shower or bathtub, hairdryer, hypo-allergenic pillows, courtesy set, mini-bar and high-quality mattresses to ensure excellent quality sleep.
Arrival Land Availability Sep 14, 2020 $2,195.00 BOOK NOW Sep 21, 2020 $2,195.00 BOOK NOW Sep 28, 2020 $2,195.00 BOOK NOW Oct 05, 2020 $2,195.00 BOOK NOW Oct 12, 2020 $2,195.00 BOOK NOW Oct 19, 2020 $2,195.00 BOOK NOW Oct 26, 2020 $2,115.00 BOOK NOW Nov 02, 2020 $2,080.00 BOOK NOW Nov 09, 2020 $2,080.00 BOOK NOW Nov 16, 2020 $2,080.00 BOOK NOW Nov 23, 2020 $2,080.00 BOOK NOW Nov 30, 2020 $2,080.00 BOOK NOW Dec 07, 2020 $2,080.00 BOOK NOW Dec 14, 2020 $2,080.00 BOOK NOW Dec 21, 2020 $2,115.00 BOOK NOW Dec 28, 2020 $2,115.00 BOOK NOW Email us at [email protected] for your departure city Air Price.
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Vienna & Budapest Japan in Depth (Jul-Dec).
Magical Europe.

To travel from London to Inverness

Menu Europe.
Category: Europe.

The summer of 2018 was the hottest Lisbon had seen in years

a record high – 110 Fahrenheit (43 Celcius).
Categories , , Tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.

It’s been just over two years since I last saw The City of Lights and

not going to lie, I’ve been dreaming about being able to wander Parisian streets again.
Categories , , Tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
Dublin was a fantastic city I can’t wait to visit again someday.
Sit back.

Relax (perhaps crack open a Guinness)

and enjoy this vibrant city and historical city.

Sláinte!  Categories

, , Tags , , , , , , , , , , ,.
To travel from London to Inverness, I decided to book a room on the overnight Caledonian Sleeper.
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If Porto isn’t on your post-quarantine travel wish list

perhaps these photos will change your mind.
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Last summer, about a year ago, .

I decided to pack it all up and head to Europe solo for a month

While there, I finally checked off an item that has been on my bucket list for year: a Shakespeare show at The Globe.
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When I booked my flight to Porto

I never expected to fall in love with the city.
I knew no Portuguese, would totally be on my own again, and had no clue how to get around.

It was the best week and a half of my summer.  Categories

, Tags , , , , , , , , ,.

London is a magnificent place with so much to offer

As I like to say, .

You can never be bored in London

Being bored with the streets of London at your fingertips is an impossible feat.  Categories , , Tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
Categories , , Tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Older posts Follow.
Post to.

it’ll likely be a rom-com set at Christmas) In 2013

How We Do It.
We are dreamers who love exploring the world.
Travel is something we plan for, save for, talk about all the time, and look forward to.
We believe that seeing the world can change your perspective , help you grow as a person, and give you the best possible memories.
Above all, we consistently squash the notion that you have to travel full-time to really see the world.
That you have to quit your job, purchase a backpack, and head out for an extended period of time.
That you can’t really get to know a city unless you’re there for awhile.
We squash that notion with each day we spend planning , traveling, or blogging.
We want you to squash it, too.
©A Pair of Pas sport s: Bruges, Belgium – December 2016 Kelly has always been a writer.
She has blogged on multiple channels throughout her life, and writes short stories in her free time to get thoughts off her mind.
Who knows, you might even see a book from her one day.
(Seriously, it’ll likely be a rom-com set at Christmas) In 2013, she discovered traveling.

2014 brought Sean into her life

In 2015, they started traveling together.
Suddenly, her writing became geared toward traveling and sharing the adventures they were so fortunate to experience together. Upon graduating from Boston University and moving to London, the real world hit.
There was major conflict between starting a career and seeing the world…until she realized that she didn’t have to pick just one.
We want to inspire you to travel, even if you have a full time job.
We truly believe that, in order to be a successful 9-5er and also the wanderer you aspire to be, you have to be cautious of 3 things – ©A Pair of Pas sports : Moscow, Russia – June 2018 Location:.
Choose the locations you visit based on where you live.
If you’re in the USA.

You can see most of North America on small weekend trips; if you’re in Europe

you can see most of Europe on small weekend trips; and so on.

When you have more time off (Christmas break

summer holiday, etc.) you can go further away or squeeze a couple of places into one trip – road trip.
You’ll save money when you plan in advance.
Choose the cheapest flight for a particular weekend and plan around that.
By planning in advance (but still leaving room for flexibility), you can cram much more into the two days you have available.
Planning also allows you to focus on what you want to focus on and experience a place as the locals do.
Research locals tips, festivals and events, or insider itineraries which will help you make the most of your short time in a destination.
Be wise.
You’ve chosen travel as the thing you would like to spend money on – that means you have to sacrifice it elsewhere.
Budget accordingly and you’ll feel much better while you’re typing your credit card number into that booking form.
Believe me, even we struggle with this.
But we have a savings account that is used for two things – emergencies and travel – so occasionally we have to give up buying cool new gadgets in order to make a trip happen.
It’s worth it, though.
Hopefully this blog will inspire you to travel – either solo or with a loved one – and guide you toward the best ways of doing so, no matter what your circumstances are in life.
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Some of us call it “Skyscanner Roulette”

How to Travel on a Low Budget.

By | After being so long abroad

people are always asking me how I fund my travels.
I’m not one of these typical travelers who saved money for years to make it happen.
I didn’t have any savings.
In fact, .

I left with less than CAD 2000 in the first place

I learned how to make it work, how to survive on a budget and how to handle it in difficult times.
Most people travel with savings, which I guess is the best thing to do.
It might be easier, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to travel on a low budget.
People always wonder how much they should save for their next trip and also how to save money on the road, or prior to their big adventure.
There’s no magic trick for it unless you win the lottery (which would be nice, wouldn’t it?).

How Much Money Do You Actually Need to Travel

I get this question ALL THE TIME

There are no perfect answers here, it truly depends on your destination.

Places like Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia are pretty cheap to travel to

Somehow, you can always manage to spend way more than expected depending on your alcohol consumption or the activities on your list.
That being said, if you’re careful with your money, it can be super cheap.
I managed to survive with less than USD 10 a day in many places but this means I had to cut expenses, eat local food, and enjoy free things such as going to the beach to admire the sunset.
Traveling on a budget simply means that you’ll have to compromise and forget about your high standards.
You could also limit your time abroad or travel to cheaper destinations OR you could travel at a slower pace to avoid spending money every second day in transportation.
I found that slow travel isn’t that expensive and that it can get expensive quickly if you’re actually moving fast.
So, how much money do you need to travel.
It totally depends on your current location and your dream destinations.
I like to think that everything is possible though.
If you can find a cheap way to get there, you can make it work.

Book error fares/find amazing deals by being flexible with dates and destinations

I personally use a platform such as Skyscanner to find my next destinations

Some of us call it “Skyscanner Roulette”.

You can also check the latest deals found on Skyscanner on their blog

Booking flights in advance could also be a way to save money.
Sometimes, last minute flights can turn out to be more expensive.
DIY: Doing it yourself without joining tours is a great way to save money.
You don’t need to join groups to appreciate some of the best wonders out there.
There are always ways to do it on your own and it’s actually even better if you’re not into big crowds.
Share the costs with your new friends.
Every time I have to take a cab or a tuk-tuk I like asking other backpackers around if they are keen on sharing the ride.
It saves money and it’s a great way to meet new people on the road.
Travel with a carry-on only.
There’s no way you need so much stuff and you will save money on your flights.
Adding luggage can be super expensive if you’re planning on flying with low-cost airlines.
Check out these backpacking essentials to help you focus on what’s really important to bring.


Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.).

How to Travel When Your Bank Account is Crying & Money Saving Tips

When we’re home it’s pretty easy to follow the normal rhythm and spend money on things that don’t really matter such as restaurants, movies and clothes.
I always end up spending a lot more at home than abroad for some reason.
Even if I do eat out a lot when I’m abroad, I’m always more conscious about my decisions and my budget.
Also, I’ve been traveling to cheaper places which means that even if I was going to go eat out, it wouldn’t be that expensive.
I did work 2-3 jobs during some periods of my life to save more money for upcoming trips.
I also know people who sold their cars and do everything by bicycle just to save money and it’s very smart.
In the end, if you’re planning on going on a big trip you might as well try to save as much as you can.
Nowadays, it’s possible to volunteer or even to get working holiday visas in many countries.
Working while traveling is a great way to get to see more of the world but also to experience new cultures and a different lifestyle.
If you don’t really know what kind of job you can find out there, you could always teach English as a foreign language.
My first two years of traveling were in.
I was on a working holiday visa which was a great way to travel around the country since Australia is pretty expensive.
I also volunteered in a few countries during previous trips using HelpX and Workaway.
You should also know that many hostels are happy to hire backpackers in exchange for a free bed.
This means you could be able to be abroad for a longer period.
Some travelers will also slow down their pace and become house-sitters to save on accommodation.

In places like Europe or Australia

cooking my own food was a great way to save money.
Of course, if you’re a foodie, you might want to experience the food, but sometimes you simply have to cut expenses.
You could also do Couchsurfing while you’re abroad.
Couchsurfing used to be more popular a few years ago, but many people still do it.
It’s a fun way to travel as you can learn more about the locals and the culture.
You should keep in mind to keep a “smart route” for your upcoming trip.
You don’t want to be moving back and forth if you’re on a budget.
You might want to check the potential prices and flight routes before the trip to make sure it’s going to make sense later on.
You could also travel off-season as many hostels and flights could be cheaper in those less busy times of the year.
You could also track your expenses to make sure you’re not spending too much.
Tracking expenses is a great way to be aware and think twice before spending your money.


Packing Cubes.
Travel Size Bottles.
Universal Adapter.
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My top saving tip is flexibility.
If you’re flexible, you should be able to find a cheaper flight.☑ Book your accommodation: I always use and.
If you’d rather stay in a hostel, you should take a look at the options on.
If you click on the Airbnb link and you don’t have an account yet – you’ll get a $30 discount on your first booking.☑ Protect your cute face: Oh, you may want to protect your cute face with a travel medical insurance.
I would suggest as they offer the best rates, especially for long-term travelers.
Otherwise, you can also take a look at .☑ Pack the essentials: You can consult when it’s time to pack your bag.
Do not leave without a , a and your passport!☑  Do you need a visa.
If you aren’t sure if you need a visa, it would be a smart idea to take a quick look before you go.
You can use – it’s super useful and easy to use.
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