would prove problematic… Read More

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Wheelchair Accessible Activities for a Trip to Hong Kong

By Asia quite often gets a bad rap for being a most inhospitable place for travelers in wheelchairs.

And while in some cases this might… Read More

, , Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Phuket.
By You might think that the sights and sounds of Thailand, which includes ancient cities, floating markets, tropical islands, and religious relics, would prove problematic… Read More , Bangkok, , , Rolling Around Bangkok, .

Thailand: A Wheelchair User’s Travel Guide

By Few places on Earth are as friendly as Thailand.
Showing anger in public is just something they don’t do.
In fact.

They frown upon… Read More

, , Rolling Around Beijing: A Wheelchair User’s Travel Guide.

By Once called Peking

the city of Beijing is home to approximately 22 million residents.

It is the capital of China and definitely has the… Read More

Japan, , Rolling Around Tokyo: A Wheelchair User’s Travel Guide.
By Often times it is hard to find information concerning major tourist destinations that cover things for wheelchair users.
This guide, .

The first in my… Read More

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